APS Boasts All Master CFI-A Instructor Staff

 - December 5, 2018, 2:31 PM

All of Aviation Performance Solutions’ (APS) upset recovery training instructors in the U.S. are now Master Certified Flight Instructors, an FAA-recognized accreditation earned through continuing professional activity and peer review. This milestone was achieved last month when advanced pilot instructor Emmanuel “Manu” Remy was accredited as a Master CFI, along with the aerobatic distinction (MCFI-A), by Master Instructors LLC.

In total, there are 11 MCI-A-designated instructors providing upset prevention and recovery training at APS, the company said. This accreditation must be renewed biennially and “signifies a true commitment to excellence and safety of flight operations,” according to APS.

“Because safety of operations and highly qualified instructors are the keys to effective, life-saving upset prevention and recovery training, APS has set the standard for instructor training and qualification,“ said company president Paul B.J. Ransbury. “Along with the achievement of MCFI-A status and extensive background experience, APS instructor pilots receive in-house UPRT-specific training according to industry best practices and proven standardized techniques.”