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Click’s AI Platform Offers Next-level Networking

 - December 12, 2018, 1:13 AM

Click Aviation Network, the Dubai-based global trip handling and support provider, brought its recently developed Omega Platform artificial intelligence technology to MEBAA 2018.

Click’s Omega Platform is a digital networking tool the company says will offer aviation industry management a “mission-critical decision support platform that will increase operational efficiency on a global scale.” The service is designed to “make the aviation industry more connected and transparent” by allowing its users “to create and share ideas and information instantly through one universal platform,” the company said.

Because it is an online service, Omega Platform is instantly available from any place on the planet and connects members to any other participant. And thanks to its underlying technology, Click’s Omega Platform understands a user’s operational and commercial needs, the company says, and provides a solution tailored to each of its member’s needs. The Omega Platform “is always learning and evolving” in response to the aviation industry’s “ever-changing environment.”

Click Aviation (Booth 510), which began operations in 2015, has loaded its Omega Platform with the “most up-to-date information regarding permit requirements, fuel and handling rates, and any additional details required in the trip-planning process.”

Thanks to its “extensive strategic partnerships and far-reaching connections,” Click says the Omega Platform allows immediate access to vital, international trip-planning data for instant results, including flight permits. Charter brokers can use Omega to manage customer inquiries, gain access to airport and FBO directories, directly connect with operators, and access financial data.