Florida Airport Rebrands Its FBO

 - December 18, 2018, 9:00 AM
Naples Aviation is the new name of the airport-owned FBO at Florida's Naples Airport. The Avfuel-branded facility now offers contract fuel in addition to Avtrip rewards points.

Florida’s Naples Airport Authority, which operates the sole full-service FBO at the dedicated GA airport, has rebranded it Naples Aviation. The Avfuel-branded facility will also add contract fueling to its services, pumped by the location’s NATA Safety-1st trained staff.

The facility, which specializes in quick turns, includes a passenger lounge with refreshment bar, business center, conference room, fitness center with showers, crew lounge, flight-planning room, crew cars, and onsite access to U.S. Customs.

“We’re excited about the new name, along with all of the changes that come with it,“ said FBO manager Mike Hushek. “We have launched a new website for easier customer use and are offering competitive rates on jet fuel with Avfuel contract fuel.”

With that service addition, aircraft operators at Naples Airport will also benefit from no-fee purchases, the ability to put all purchases (both fuel and non-fuel) on their accounts, tax savings, and streamlined online account management.

“Our operators are looking forward to taking advantage of the Avfuel contract fuel program in another high-profile destination location,” said Joel Hirst, the fuel provider’s vice president of sales. “We’ve had a long, successful partnership with Naples Aviation and are happy to be a part of the operation’s progression with rebranding and adding the program.”


So I'm a little confused, does Naple Aviation sell avgas? And if they do, do they sell it to transient aircraft, or only to "contract" customers? Naples is within my scope of possible airports to use. Thanks!