FAA Provides Short-term Relief for Lost Certificates

 - January 14, 2019, 12:10 PM

In one of its final regulatory acts before the shutdown took effect, the FAA issued a new operations specification (OpSpec)/management specification (MSpec) notice and associated guidance for Parts 91K, 121, or 135 operators to gain temporary relief when an airman or medical certificate is lost, stolen, or damaged. The OpSpec/MSpec A063 notice and Advisory Circular, AC 00-70-Flightcrew Member Certificate Verification Plan, pave the way for operators to develop an approved certificate verification plan that would enable the use of temporary documentation for flight crewmembers who have missing airman or medical certification.

Issued December 19, the Ops/Spec notification follows an FAA final rule issued last summer that, among other things, authorized the regulatory relief. The temporary authorization applies to operations within the U.S. and provides relief for up to 72 hours. NBAA, explaining the change to members, said the authorizations replace exemptions No. 5487, 5560, and 11152 that had been granted to commercial operators.

The association noted that the authorization provides crewmembers time to locate missing certifications after a flight. “NBAA feels this is an important relief for those occasions when documentation cannot be found to ensure continued operation for certificated operators,” said Brian Koester, NBAA senior manager of flight operations and regulations.