NetJets, Pilot Union Sign 'Industry-leading' Contract

 - January 18, 2019, 11:57 AM

Fractional provider NetJets signed an interim bargaining agreement with its pilot union, the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP), that allows crewmembers to earn additional compensation and enhances their quality of life when on duty. While the 2015 flight crew contract didn’t become amendable until December 2023, NetJets initiated mid-term bargaining to improve compensation for long-term and new-hire pilots, leading to what both the company and union term an “industry-leading contract.”

NetJets chairman and CEO Adam Johnson and NJASAP president Pedro Leroux signed a tentative agreement on Wednesday, following six weeks of negotiations. NJASAP’s 2,500 pilot members ratified the measure late last month, with more than 81 percent voting in favor of the package of amendments that extends the 2015 collective bargaining agreement an additional three years, through 2026.

“In the spirit of true collaboration, the agreement has our pilots’ best interests in mind and maintains NetJets’s position as the industry leader in pilot relations,” said Johnson. Leroux agreed, adding, “The NJASAP Executive Board is exceedingly pleased with the outcome of this negotiation—an ambitious undertaking characterized by honesty, goodwill, and a genuine commitment to continuing collaboration.”

The newly ratified amended agreement “will ensure we maintain an industry-leading safety record and to offer unrivaled customer service, positioning us for success for years to come,” Leroux concluded.