CCX Unveils Mobile Radio Tester Suite

 - March 24, 2019, 3:36 PM

Ottawa, Canada-based CCX Technologies launched the new mobile-based T-RX Avionics Radio and Pulse Tester product line at the AEA Convention today. The three devices in the T-RX line feature 10-inch touchscreens, an internal antenna, and an accessory kit with a lithium-ion battery, charger, carry case, and shoulder strap. An external antenna is optional.

The T-RX Radio Tester, T-RX Pulse Tester, and T-RX RP+ Tester are each designed to test specific radio types—up to 16 systems each—and cover more than 100 tests. These include VOR, ILS, VHF comm, DME, ELT, HF comm, transponder Mode A/C, transponder Mode S, ADS-B 1090 and 978, Selcal tone generation, Arinc 429 receive/transmit, and TCAS.

The three T-RX testers will be available mid-2019, but CCX is offering AEA attendees who pre-purchase the units special bundles with free accessories and services.

To help avionics shops serve customers, the information generated with the T-RX testers can be saved on a secure server and identified by the aircraft’s registration number, by the technician who did the test, and by the job’s work order. This makes it easy to include the test information as a report in the customer’s work order. Larger avionics service providers can take advantage of the T-RX’s data collection feature, which allows use of an API that they can connect to their work order system, which then automatically populates specific fields in the work order.

“The goal is to modernize avionics radio testing, reporting, and purchasing,” said Chris Bartlett president of CCX Technologies. “Our T-RX tablets are available online and built with the latest technologies. They are designed with the next generation of technicians in mind, those used to simple, powerful mobile interfaces.”