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Bizav Traffic in Europe Plummets in April

 - May 23, 2019, 2:37 AM

In its latest business aviation traffic report, Argus International (Booth U90) highlighted a sharp decrease in European business aircraft flight activity. “Large jets drag April flight activity down across Europe,” said Argus, releasing its latest TRAQPak European Aviation Aircraft Activity Report. Business aviation traffic in Europe was down 12.3 percent overall from April 2018.

All aircraft categories declined year-over-year, but large jets led the way, with a 16.8 percent fall. Turboprops followed with a 14 percent decline and then light jets with an 8.7 percent slide. Midsize-jet activity, meanwhile, was down 4.3 percent from April last year.

However, in all categories except light jets, activity in April increased when compared with the previous month. Flying picked up 1.6 percent month-over-month overall, but light-jet activity slowed 4.2 percent from March.

The overall seasonal uptick is normal, however. It’s the year-to-year data that is typically viewed as an indicator of long-term business aviation activity trends.