FlightAware Rolls Out Premium Flight-data Service

 - June 12, 2019, 11:00 AM

FlightAware is rolling out a premium version of its professional, private flight-tracking service, FlightAware Global, that will be offered to owners and operators of business jets through select partners, including launch participant Textron Aviation. Under the agreement with Textron Aviation, FlightAware will offer buyers of new or preowned Textron Aviation aircraft a complimentary one-year subscription to FlightAware Global.

“This program makes it easy for new aircraft owners to enroll in our service for no charge,” said FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker. “We will set up and configure their global coverage so that owners and operators can begin using it the moment they take delivery of their new Textron Aviation aircraft.”

Users of the service will have unlimited web or mobile access to information derived from thousands of data sources. A key feature of FlightAware Global includes datalink integration with FlightAware terrestrial ADS-B, Aireon space-based ADS-B, and air traffic control radar and flight plan information.

Other features include selective unblocking of friends, family, and business associates; aircraft activity notification, including flight plans, route changes, delays, departures, and arrivals; and FBO scheduling at any of the more than 1,000 FBOs participating in the service. In addition to Aireon’s space-based ADS-B global coverage, premium features include “Ready to Taxi,” which offers live updates for aircraft activity on the ground, and DTN weather maps.