Jet Linx Pauses Ops for Annual Safety Summit

 - June 17, 2019, 4:46 PM
In honor of its annual safety summit, Jet Linx, the U.S.' third largest aircraft management provider, grounded its fleet so that all of its employees could participate.

Private aircraft management provider Jet Linx voluntarily grounded its entire fleet early last week so that its 500-plus employees could participate in the company’s third annual safety summit. The focus of this year’s event was safety culture, safety management, and identifying potential hazards, with a keynote address by former NTSB chairman Jim Hall on organizational contributing factors in aviation safety.

“Our annual safety summit allows us to continue advancing best safety practices and standards of excellence across the entire organization,” said president and CEO Jamie Walker.

The event was co-organized by Sheryl Clarke, the company’s recently appointed director of safety and security. A U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, she holds an ATP rating with more than 7,500 flight hours as PIC, plus another 1,800 in the military. She most recently served with United Airlines as its managing director of airport operations, safety, and compliance, responsible for the safety efforts at all 337 airports the airline frequents.

“Jet Linx has managed to pursue a nationwide expansion while demonstrating an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of their clients, pilots, and team,” she said. “I am proud to be working with Jet Linx to continue to drive the industry standards for safety and security.”