Sparfell Acquires LaudaMotion Executive

 - July 3, 2019, 1:47 PM

LaudaMotion Executive, whose namesake Niki Lauda passed away in May, has been acquired by Switzerland-based Sparfell Aviation Group, giving the latter a private charter operation with 13 primarily Bombardier business jets including the first Global 7500 delivered in Europe, the company announced last week. “Through the acquisition of LaudaMotion Executive, Sparfell Aviation Group is now able to offer our clients private jet charter, consolidating our offering to provide the turn-key solution they expect,” Sparfell Airways CEO Edward Queffelec said. “We could not dream of a better partner to achieve this than LaudaMotion Executive.”

According to Sparfell, Niki Lauda had initially sought to partner with Sparfell for capital. But after his death, a decision was made for Sparfell to acquire Lauda Executive, which has 60 employees and holds an Austrian air operator’s certificate. “Niki Lauda’s expertise, reputation, and precision were legendary, both in Formula One and in aviation,” Sparfell Aviation Group chairman Philip Queffelec said. “Having founded three airlines, we are honored to uphold his legacy and consider it our duty to pay respect to the company that carries his name.”

The acquisition builds on Sparfell’s business jet operations, aircraft sales, corporate leasing, aircraft interior design, and aerospace and defense consulting.