Jet Linx Elevates Service Training with Forbes Travel

 - September 12, 2019, 9:00 AM
Private jet operator Jet Linx is looking to bring five-star customer service to the industry through its new partnership with Forbes Travel Guide, which reviews and rates luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas.

Jet card and aircraft management provider Jet Linx has entered into a partnership with the Forbes Travel Guide (FTG), which in addition to its rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas, offers service training for those industries. The new collaboration will allow the aircraft operator to establish and implement FTG’s standards of service excellence, as well as create a customized, proprietary set of standards of its own.

“Our industry has extensive regulatory and operational standards for companies to comply with, but it has never set a customer service standard, until now,” explained Jet Linx president and CEO Jamie Walker.

Phase one will begin with FTG assessing and training all client service personnel at Jet Linx’s 18 base locations, including its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, on pre-and post-flight standards of service excellence. Next, its flight crews will be evaluated and trained to establish similar standards for the in-flight portion. On an ongoing basis, FTG will re-evaluate and requalify all of Jet Linx’s customer-facing personnel to ensure that each embraces and upholds those standards.

“This partnership is a gamechanger for private aviation and will set a necessary benchmark for the industry,” said FTG CEO Filip Boyen. “Our 60 years of expertise in leading with excellence lends itself not just to hospitality, but to every industry that wants to cultivate an excellent service culture.”