Industry Study Looks To Improve Aviation Training

 - September 16, 2019, 10:02 AM

With the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) forecasting a need for more than 750,000 aviation professionals, including pilots, technicians, air traffic controllers, and airport professionals by 2036, The Ohio State University is leading a multi-disciplinary team from academia and industry to evaluate what will be required from the academic sector to meet those demands. A recent survey of human relations professionals revealed that only about 28 percent believe current aviation education and training are very effective.

The university is inviting those in the aviation industry to complete an online survey by October 18, indicating their workforce needs, and how they believe academia can contribute to future development. Respondents might be invited to participate in future focus groups on the topic.

“We’re excited to be performing this study for the National Academies [of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine], who are very aware of the critical workforce needs of the aviation industry and the great potential for the academic community to enhance their curricula to meet these needs,” said Seth Young, principal investigator of the study, and the university’s McConnell chair of aviation. 

A report on the study is expected sometime next year.