Piaggio Taps Traxxall for Maintenance Tracking

 - October 8, 2019, 4:28 PM

Piaggio Aerospace has named maintenance management provider Traxxall an approved maintenance tracking provider for the Italian airframer, Traxxall announced this week. As part of the approval, all new factory-delivered Piaggio Avanti Evo turboprop twins will include Traxxall’s maintenance tracking as an optional service.

“This partnership will permit us to provide enhanced service to our existing Piaggio-Aerospace-operator clients, and the opportunity to support new and existing Avanti operators worldwide,” said Traxxall president Mark Steinbeck.

The company was already established as a maintenance tracking provider for in-service Piaggio aircraft. Users of Traxxall’s tracking service benefit from increased operational efficiencies, downtime reductions, and protected resale values, according to the Montreal-based company.

“The Traxxall team has developed an excellent product and, according to Piaggio Aerospace clients, the service is exceptional,” Piaggio head of sales and business unit customer service Andrea Di Fede said. “We are confident that our valued clients will benefit from the enhanced maintenance tracking that it delivers.”