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Duncan Aviation Encourages ADS-B Emitter Checks

 - October 20, 2019, 2:23 PM

With the Jan. 1, 2020 deadline looming for aircraft flying in most U.S. airspace to comply with the ADS-B Out mandate, business aircraft service provider Duncan Aviation (Booth 2506) recommends operators perform an emitter status check to ensure their equipment is compliant.

“A recent report found there are more than 7,700 aircraft with non-performing emitters (NPE),” said Nate Klenke, Duncan Aviation manager of completions and modification services sales. “Many of the aircraft with NPEs were likely installed more than four years ago or prior to changes made in the mandate. Some may be a result of an improper installation or equipment configuration.”

Other reasons the emitter might not be transmitting include incorrect software version, incorrect emitter category based on the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight, incorrect flight ID, and the transmission of airborne data when the aircraft is on the ground. 

One hour after a flight, the aircraft operator can request a Public ADS-B Performance Report (PAPR) from the FAA online at The emailed report shows functioning and failed parameters for the aircraft ADS-B system on the selected flight.