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Massport Reducing Signature Logan Ramp Space by Half

 - October 20, 2019, 10:09 AM

As part of the Boston Logan Airport Terminal E Modernization Project, Massport plans to “reclaim” some 50 percent of Signature Flight Support’s ramp space for at least 12 months to excavate the surface for resurfacing multiple taxi-lanes and installing a new fuel pipeline. According to the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association (MBAA), which is monitoring the situation closely, “there is the potential for the ramp space seizure to continue beyond the anticipated length of the Terminal E modernization project."

MBAA has begun working with NBAA and other stakeholders in an effort to regain some territory. “It is our position that, while capacity and space are at significant premiums at Logan, any claims of the Signature ramp space at Logan beyond the 12-month period represent discriminatory treatment of business aviation operators and ultimately harm the commonwealth’s economy,” contends the MBAA.

As of Monday, October 21, a reservation will be required to use the ramp at Signature Flight Support. These reservations can be made up to 10 days in advance for four-hour slots, space permitting, but must be made no less than four hours prior to planned arrival. Contact Signature at (617) 561-2500 to reserve slots. BOS 10/320 NOTAM applies.

“There will be significant operational complexity introduced into the greater Boston aviation ecosystem as a result of this policy,” the MBAA said. “We expect Hanscom to see a significant uptick in traffic. MBAA, alongside NBAA, remains committed to fighting the long-term seizure of [general aviation] parking at Logan Airport.”