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Saab Highlights New Technologies for Bizav Market

 - October 21, 2019, 3:55 PM
Jan Widerström, head of Saab’s Avionics Systems unit. Photo: David McIntosh

Saab on Monday highlighted its commitment to business and commercial aviation avionics with a trio of technologies that will change the way pilots fly and improve operational reliability.

The first technology promises to make Saab’s wide field of view head-up display (HUD) more useful by allowing pilots to land while viewing the runway from two miles or farther away. The technology is a new passive dual EFVS sensor that facilitates takeoff into low-visibility conditions and landing regardless of the weather, according to Jan Widerström, head of Avionics Systems at Saab. “Today’s technology is based on [systems] that can’t see through water,” he said. “Ours can see through clouds, rain, and fog in miles [not feet]."

In its first-ever NBAA-BACE press conference, the company also highlighted its new overheat detection system, which will soon enter service as factory-installed equipment on the Airbus A350. The fiber-optical system reduces by 90 percent the number of components in the legacy systems and the weight by 80 percent. It provides real-time monitoring of bleed air ducts with high spatial accuracy fault isolation capability. Widerström explained the technology, which can also sense pressure changes and vibration, can also be applied to fire detection.

“As aircraft are getting more plastic and composites, you will know plastic and heat don’t go together very well, so keeping track of the temperature in your aircraft is getting more and more important as we see,” he noted. Discussions are currently ongoing with other commercial and business aircraft manufacturers, Widerström added.

Lastly, the company is debuting a new High-Resolution 3D Global Terrain Database for Aviation, which it has developed in partnership with MAXAR through its jointly-owned Vricon subsidiary. With a photo-realistic resolution of .5 meters all the way down to the ground, it claims to be the industry’s most advanced 3D database available. The product can also be optimized to work with legacy systems at lower resolutions if required.

More details on the technology behind the new systems are available at Saab’s NBAA-BACE booth (C11333).