Private Jet Services Adjusts Membership Program

 - November 21, 2019, 5:34 PM

Private Jet Services (PJS), a New Hampshire-based jet card provider and aviation consultancy, has changed features of its membership program that are aimed at adding new benefits, stabilizing pricing, and reducing flight time minimums. The changes are effective immediately, the company announced.

Upon activation of new and renewing PJS Memberships, customers can choose to be billed for estimated or actual flight times, which the company said adds a new level of transparency to its program. Also, rates on super-midsize and large-cabin business jets established in 2017 will remain unchanged through 2020.

Lastly, flight minimums on light jets have been lowered from 78 minutes to 60 minutes because a significant number of its members frequently fly short-leg trips. “Since 2003, PJS has built its reputation by servicing our customers one flight at a time,” said company CEO Greg Raiff. “Through flawless execution of transportation logistics, paired with transparent, fixed pricing and flexible options, our members maximize the value of their investment.”

PJS is an agent for direct air carriers Elevate Jet and Air Chathams Ltd.