APS Turns Focus to Single-pilot UPRT

 - November 26, 2019, 3:00 PM

Upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) specialist Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) is offering a free, special week-long safety initiative for single-pilot operators that includes an upgraded hour-long simulator session, along with multi-day on-aircraft training. To take place at APS headquarters in Arizona, the training is available to all single-pilot operators, whether piston, turboprop, turbofan, or turbojet. APS is offering the free one-hour advanced UPRT simulator upgrade to the first 50 booked through November 29.

“Because single-pilot operators are more than six times as likely as crew pilots to experience a loss of control inflight [LOC-I] related incident, mitigating this risk through properly conducted UPRT is a critical safety goal for the aviation industry,” APS said.

While the training provider stressed the effectiveness of in-aircraft UPRT programs, it added that some critical UPRT scenarios cannot safely be practiced in an airplane. “This upgrade allows single pilots, who are generally less likely to add simulator training to their UPRT program, an opportunity to get comprehensive training and reduce their risk of LOC-I.”