Duncan Plunges into Hydrographics for Cabin Components

 - December 10, 2019, 4:26 PM
Duncan Aviation is now using hydrographic technology to print designs on aircraft interior components, such as this countertop sink. Designs can include wood grain, stone, metals, as well as custom designs. (Photo: Duncan Aviation)

Duncan Aviation recently delivered a Gulfstream G150 and Bombardier Challenger 300 with countertops created using hydrographic technology, a new finish option recently implemented by the company.

The process involves an image/pattern printed on a water-soluble film that is then placed on the surface of water in a tank. As the base starts to dissolve, an activator is sprayed over the film, causing the ink to float. Then an item, such as an aircraft countertop, is immersed into the water and the upward pressure causes the ink to wrap around and adhere to it.

This solution can be used on aircraft interior components, panels, accents, and full cabinets, depending on their size, according to Duncan. “The capabilities open up a variety of aesthetic options for interior finishes without changing cabinet veneer, and designs can include wood grain, stone, metals, as well as custom designs,” the company said. “Some options allow shorter downtime than traditional methods and are excellent alternatives to traditional re-veneer or strip and refinish.”

According to Duncan Aviation completions and modifications sales representative Jeff Beaudette, hydrographic printing “provides new finish options for countertops and sinks without weight changes or certification concerns. Going forward, we will be using hydrographics on other applications such as dividers, monuments, card table inserts, and so on.”