Datalink Mandate To Expand in North Atlantic

 - January 23, 2020, 12:17 PM

North Atlantic Datalink requirements are expanding effective January 30 to cover airspace between FL290 and FL410, warns flight-planning firm OpsGroup. Currently, aircraft must be equipped for datalink communications, essentially controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) and ADS-C, to fly through FL350 to FL390 in North Atlantic Tracks. Phase 2C of the North Atlantic Datalink Mandate expands CPDLC requirements from FL290 to FL410.

OpsGroup, which monitors and provides advisories on airspace and other aviation operational events, notes a few exceptions to the requirements: airspace north of 80° North; New York Oceanic East Flight Instrument Region; Tango Routes T9, along with new route T290 being introduced on January 30 (Tango Routes T213, T13, T16 will all require datalink); and certain ATS Surveillance airspace where surveillance service is provided by radar and/or ADS-B, coupled with VHF.

Once in effect, OpsGroup further advises, a corridor of airspace between Canada and Iceland will remain open for aircraft not equipped with CPDLC. Aircraft without datalink can request to climb or descend through datalink mandated airspace, the organization adds, but advises that this will be granted only on a “tactical basis.”