SurePilot Developer Offers Free Online Assessments

 - January 24, 2020, 9:41 AM

Jupiter Aviation Technology has launched a project to help continue the development of the SurePilot Online Pilot Assessment Tool and is inviting all pilots and non-pilots to take the assessment free of charge. According to Jupiter, the free assessment provides users “a unique opportunity to gain insight into their own core competencies.”

SurePilot is a tool aimed at airlines and flight training organizations to evaluate the core competencies required of commercial pilots. It offers an evaluation of hand-to-eye coordination—right-hand and left-hand motor skills—memory recall, reaction time, situational awareness, selective attention, and multi-tasking. Upon completion, it furnishes the user with a SurePilot score, a percentile ranking, and performance change (degree of improvement and training potential indicator).

The data that’s collected from the free assessments will be used by Jupiter for its Project 2020 Research & Development program to appraise reliability, refine the processes used to test candidates, and to help further validate SurePilot.