NBAA Offers COVID-19 Flight-planning Guidance

 - March 2, 2020, 12:36 PM

This story is part of AIN's continuing coverage of the impact of the coronavirus on aviation.

NBAA has published guidance and a list of resources for business aircraft operators when planning flights to and from countries affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). The guidance offers considerations for operators during flight planning, as well as resources for them to tap before, during, and after a mission. “Sometimes, emergency departures, diversions, and extractions are required to keep passengers, crewmembers, and aircraft safe,” the guidance notes.

Recommendations of the guidance include conducting a risk profile of the intended destination—an exercise that should continue to be conducted throughout the trip, not just before. It also suggests travelers should make their travel plans known to the U.S. embassy in their destination country through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Other recommendations include fueling an aircraft immediately after arrival to the destination in case a quick departure is required.

The guidance extends to hotel accommodations at the destination, recommending crew and passengers stay in the same hotel in the event they need to quickly rendezvous for a quick departure.