Partnership Proposes Customizable Corporate A220 Cabin

 - May 19, 2020, 4:56 PM
The guest lounge on a conceptual design for a corporate cabin on an Airbus A220. (Photo: Camber Aviation Management, Kestrel Aviation Management, and Pierrejean Vision)

Camber Aviation Management, Kestrel Aviation Management, and Pierrejean Vision have partnered to develop a corporate cabin for the Airbus A220 comprising three fixed zones and four variable zones that provide for some customization to the customer. “Offering cabin floor space and volume equivalent to Airbus’s ACJ319Neo and Boeing’s BBJ Max7, the Airbus A220 integrates leading-edge technologies and safety features equal or superior to the latest-generation business jets,” said Camber CEO Tom Chatfield.

Kestrel Aviation Management CEO Stephen Vella said the A220 design satisfies "key features" identified during market research: a modular, but customizable, cabin with 10 to 35 VIP seats, long range,  global connectivity, and operating costs that are at least 20 percent less than direct competitors.

The partnership collaborated with F/List and Flying Colours to refine design details and perform engineering studies. What they came up with was a design with fixed zones for a common entry and galley, mid-cabin lavatory, and master suite with an ensuite washroom that features a steam shower.

The four variable zones permit customization to suit the requirements of a private or corporate owner, comfortably seating as few as 10 or as many as 32 passengers. Customized zones could include a large lounge area that converts to a dining room, media lounge, or private office, the partners noted. “Even greater personalization is achieved by applying the client’s preferred color pallet, materials, and finishes to create a truly one-of-a-kind cabin design,” said Pierrejean Vision CEO Jacques Pierrejean.

The seven-zone modular concept cabin, which can be seen in a walk-through video, is also intended to reduce manufacturing and certification costs, the partners added.