Embraer Rolls Out Medevac Phenom 300

 - August 4, 2020, 12:11 PM
Embraer has introduced the Phenom 300 MED with a configurable aeromedical cabin, which can also be retrofitted to existing aircraft. (Photo: Embraer)

Embraer today announced the launch of an aeromedical version of its popular Phenom 300 light jet. Developed in partnership with cabin specialists umlaut and Aerolite, and also available also through retrofit, the Phenom 300MED is designed to be quickly easily configured to meet the needs of operators and patients. It features hospital-grade trim and finishing, with either one or two stretchers and the ability to carry an incubator and additional medical equipment.

“We are honored that Embraer and umlaut have selected Aerolite’s innovative aeromedical equipment for the new Phenom 300MED,” said Aerolite CEO Ronald Hengartner. “From providing the most modern EMS interior solutions to offering customer-specific support and training, Aerolite is uniquely positioned to help deliver the ultimate medevac solution.”

Since deliveries of the Phenom 300 series began in 2009, Embraer has handed over 550 of the twinjets. The twinjet offers a cabin altitude of 6,000 feet, which the airframer said contributes to a healthier flight experience for medical staff and patients alike.

“The Phenom 300 platform…is uniquely positioned for medevac operations,” said Embraer Executive Jets president and CEO Michael Amalfitano. “Given the current health crisis, we are proud to be working with two world-class Medevac-solutions partners, and we are primed to immediately start taking orders for this air ambulance solution.”