Prior Permission Requirement To End at Signature Boston

 - August 31, 2020, 11:46 AM

The reservation slot scheme that has required operators to obtain prior permission to use Signature Flight Support at Boston Logan International Airport for nearly a year will end tomorrow. Ramp capacity at Logan has been severely reduced over the last several months due to major airside construction projects, and the prior permission requirement (PPR) program was established based on expected traffic increases.

Massport, the operating authority for Logan, established the PPR program last October to allow Signature to more effectively manage limited parking for business and general aviation aircraft. But as a result of the reduction in operations brought on by the pandemic, the PPR program is being suspended. However, should traffic levels increase above a certain threshold during construction, the PPR program would likely need to be reinstated.

Because parking remains limited, operators are encouraged, but not required, to contact Signature in advance of their intended use of ramp space, although operators planning to remain overnight for more than one night are urged to call the FBO to make arrangements.

The suspension of the PPR program is attributed to the successful collaboration of several stakeholders, including Signature, Massport, NBAA, and the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association.