Threshold Aviation Group Adds New Hangar at Chino

 - October 14, 2020, 12:12 PM
Threshold Aviation Group's newly-occupied 50,000 sq ft hangar at California's Chino Airport was originally designed to accommodate large military transports, and can now handle anything up to an Airbus ACJ320.

California-based aviation services provider Threshold Aviation Group has acquired an additional hangar at Chino Airport, where it operates one of three FBOs on the field. The company—which offers a full spectrum of aircraft-related services, including aircraft management, charter, and sales—occupies the approximately 50,000-sq-ft Hangars 3 and 4 in the airport’s commercial complex, one of which it uses for its maintenance operation.

It has now added the similarly-sized Hangar 1, which had been dormant after a previous tenant’s deal fell through. Each of the hangars, which were originally built to shelter aircraft the size of military C-130 transports, also includes 8,000 sq ft of office space, plus another 8,000 sq ft of upstairs space used primarily for spare parts storage.

“The fact is we needed more space before Covid-19 hit and then things looked somewhat bleak for a while,” said company founder and CEO Mark DiLullo. “Now people are looking for a more reasonable option to get to and from where they need to go, and private aviation is a more reasonable option than ever due to health and safety concerns with flying commercial.”

DiLullo’s company operates several large-cabin business jets in its fleet, and he told AIN the new hangar would be used for their storage, as well as to accommodate transient aircraft.

The facility currently employs approximately 200 staff and is currently looking to add more airframe and powerplant technicians.

“The operation here is full service,” DiLullo said. “We can fly your plane, store your plane, maintain your plane, refurbish your plane, and gas it up at our fuel farm. We can buy a plane for you, sell it for you, or even part it out if it has reached the end of its service life.”