Honeywell Unveils New Dassault FalconConnect Platform

 - November 12, 2020, 11:54 AM

Honeywell Aerospace has reconfigured the FalconConnect portal for owners and operators of the line of Dassault Aviation business jets that includes a new dashboard bringing together in-flight connectivity, flight planning and optimization, and flight database services in a single platform. Powered by Honeywell’s Forge analytics platform, the new portal includes high-speed airborne connectivity, hardened aviation cybersecurity, real-time data and alerts, aircraft tracking and monitoring, flight planning, and efficiency tools.

“The new FalconConnect portal will provide the same quality of services that customers love, but now customers will have a singular connection to access their FalconConnect service subscription,” said Jean Kayanakis, Dassault senior v-p of the worldwide Falcon customer service and service center network. “Included are all the FalconConnect offerings—such as flight planning, flight database, and cabin connectivity software, services, and applications—and we will continue to add new features in the months ahead.”

Honeywell software and services v-p and general manager John Peterson said it will better enable Falcon customers to improve operational performance by bringing connectivity and productivity tools that enhance and manage owners’ and operators’ flight experiences. The new platform is available with a current FalconConnect subscription.