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Alto Brings Immersive Audio Features to Bizav Cabins

 - December 4, 2020, 12:47 PM

Cabin management and entertainment system manufacturer Alto Aviation has introduced new immersive audio capabilities, both for individual VIP seats and to create a special media zone for a grouped seating area.

With the new On-Demand Audio Optimization feature, passengers can select a particular seat using the Alto remote control app to be the focus of Alto’s “life-like, realistic, and dynamic audio quality with smooth and powerful bass response.” This includes digitally focusing all subwoofer bass “for maximum impact,” according to Alto. “The mid-high speakers are time-aligned and individually equalized for a perfect sweet spot at the VIP’s ears.” And speakers located behind the VIP seat add surround-sound immersion. 

This new capability draws on Alto’s new System Master Controller, which controls the digital signal processor in the Alto amplifiers, allowing users to customize EQ configurations, including surround-sound and spatially balanced speakers at the selected VIP seat. Earlier Alto audio systems can be configured to enable these new features, as well.

The new 3D Immersive Media Zone audio is a response to customer requests for immersive audio to complement credenza-mounted video monitors across from a four-place seating group or divan in midsize and larger jets. 

The 6.2-channel setup includes left, center, and right speakers installed in the passenger service unit and surround-left, -right, and -center speakers mounted behind passengers, along with two compact subwoofers under seats or divan bulkheads and a Class-D amplifier with advanced digital signal processing. 

Available both as a forward-fit option in some new aircraft and retrofit, the 3D Immersive Media Zone audio system provides “the most powerful and amazing audiophile experience in the media zone of the cabin,” said Steve Scarlata, Alto Aviation v-p engineering and research and development. “The result is outstanding. The sound is crystal-clear, and the 3D immersive experience is unrivaled in our industry. We are confident that we will wow our customers with this top-notch audiophile entertainment offering.”