Metrojet Tackles Bizjet Mobile Install on Global 5000

 - January 20, 2021, 9:57 AM

Metrojet Hong Kong is the first MRO to complete the installation of the Iridium-based Bizjet Mobile System (BMS) on a Bombardier Global 5000, allowing passengers and crew to communicate via mobile devices on board without the need for a broadband system and network.

The company noted that on-site support from Bombardier was not available during installation because of Covid-19 travel restrictions, but its avionics technicians still managed to complete the project in two weeks, including coordinating draft and design with experts online, as well as finishing wire routing and installation work and receiving final authority approval.

“It was a great achievement by the team,” said Metrojet Hong Kong MRO general manager Dave Yip. “Though a few difficulties regarding wire routing and connector location were encountered during the project, our avionics supervisor, Perry Law, and the team finished the job on schedule and fulfilled the client request.”