Hawker 800XP Flies with InSight Flight Deck

 - January 25, 2021, 12:21 PM
Universal Avionics' InSight flight deck for the Argentinian 800XP includes three EFI-1040 displays.

Universal Avionics has added the Hawker 800XP to the airframe installations list for its InSight integrated flight deck. The STC for this InSight upgrade was done by Redimec, a Universal Avionics-authorized dealer based in Argentina; Redimec is making the STC available for purchase by other dealers for 800XP upgrades. While Argentina regulator DGAC approved the original STC, it can be converted to a U.S. STC, according to Robert Randall, Universal Avionics director of strategic business development.

The InSight flight deck for the Argentinian Hawker 800XP includes three EFI-1040 displays, dual UNS-1Fw SBAS FMSs with ADS-B Out, one Data Concentrator Unit II, dual touch EFIS control display units (ECDUs) and alphanumeric keyboards, one Reference Select Panel, a UniLink-801 Communications Management Unit (CMU) with a Latitude Technologies Iridium satcom for CPDLC, and a CVR-120 cockpit voice recorder. Synthetic vision system, electronic charts, advanced mapping, own-ship position (including on runway), and autotuning of radios are all features included in the InSight upgrade.

In this 800XP, the InSight flight deck integrates with the existing Collins autopilot and flight director, as well as radios. Radio tuning is done using the InSight Touch ECDU. 

“Operators do not need to perform a complete ‘rip and tear’ of their cockpit to gain the best-in-class capabilities such as data communication and enhanced situational awareness,” said Universal Avionics CEO Dror Yahav.

With the new FMSs, satcom, CMU, and CVR, the 800XP can take advantage of modern airspace capabilities, including Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Baseline 1 (ATN B1), ADS-B Out, CPDLC, Data Comm, FANS 1/A+, and LPV approaches.