FAA Confirms Gulfstream G280 as Stage 5 Compliant

 - March 5, 2021, 11:21 AM

The FAA has confirmed Gulfstream Aerospace’s G280 meets Stage 5 noise standards, the Savannah, Georgia manufacturer announced yesterday. The update reflecting the Stage 5 recognition has been added in the G280 aircraft flight manual and new noise data sheets will be issued to operators. Gulfstream called the acknowledgment important to ensuring continued operational flexibility at noise-sensitive airports, including those with time-of-day entry restrictions.

“The Gulfstream team continues its commitment to the future of the G280 program, ensuring adherence to the most stringent standards, whether for safety, performance, or noise emissions,” said Gulfstream president Mark Burns. “Aircraft noise abatement goals are vital to ensuring the livelihood of the aviation and aerospace industries and demonstrating our efforts to be good neighbors to those who live or work near airfields, airports, or flight paths.”

Stage 5 is the current FAA noise standard for jet and large turboprop aircraft and is in line with ICAO noise standards. The standard has been mandatory since the end of 2017 for applicants of new aircraft type designs with a mtow of 121,254 pounds. The standard went into effect for new type designs smaller than that at the end of last year.