Pilatus Expands UAE Component Work for PC-24

 - April 5, 2021, 12:14 PM
Strata Manufacturer is helping build on the UAE manufacturing base with an expanded agreement from Pilatus for PC-24 component work (Photo: Strata Manufacturing)

Mubadala Investment Company-owned Strata Manufacturing is expanding its components work under a new agreement covering pylon fairings, bullet fairings, tail cones, and other parts for the Pilatus PC-24. Negotiated through the Tawazun Economic Council, Strata, and Pilatus Aircraft, the “offset agreement” extends seven years and includes the use of autoclave manufacturing for the aforementioned components. The agreement further calls for hot-press composite parts, which Strata said marks a first for UAE aerospace manufacturing.

“The extended agreement marks the next step in a long-term partnership aimed at delivering further high-quality composite work packages for Pilatus in the UAE,” said Strata CEO Ismail Ali Abdulla. “It also highlights the confidence Pilatus has in Strata’s manufacturing abilities and excellent delivery record."

"The success in the production of PC-24 belly fairing and the progress we are having on the PC-24 flap track fairings clearly demonstrates the capabilities and performance of Strata," added Tawazun chief economic development officer Matar Al Romaithi.

Strata said it is supporting Pilatus’s goal of accelerating the PC-24 production rate. Pilatus earlier this year celebrated the 100th delivery of the model since it entered service in 2018, and despite the complexities associated with Covid, Pilatus managed to hand over 41 PC-24s in 2020. Pilatus chairman Oscar Schwenk has said the Stans, Switzerland, plant has the capacity to produce up to 60 of the twinjets per year.