Gulfstream Delivers Special-missions G550 'Oron' to Israel

 - April 6, 2021, 10:38 AM
The Israeli Air Force has taken delivery of a special-mission Gulfstream G550 that will serve as the platform for the military service's "Oron" intelligence surveillance reconnaissance platform. (Photo: Gulfstream Aerospace)

Gulfstream Aerospace has delivered a special-missions G550 to the Israeli Air Force for surveillance operations. Dubbed “Oron,” the surveillance platform is slated to be operational in 2023, following the installation of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) equipment.

“Israel has been a Gulfstream special-missions customer for many years,” said Gulfstream president Mark Burns, who added that modified Gulfstreams “can fly the demanding missions governments and militaries conduct around the world.”

Gulfstream engineers designed the necessary changes to the aircraft's exterior and flight deck, while its production team built the surveillance platform in the dedicated special-missions modification facilities at the company’s Savannah, Georgia headquarters.

The business jet manufacturer has been producing special-missions aircraft for more than 50 years, with more than 200 aircraft delivered to governments and militaries in more than 40 countries. Capabilities include airborne security operations, advanced medevac, airborne research, and transport missions. Gulfstream also offers tailored contractor logistics support for special-missions customers.