EBACE Connect To Feature Erik Lindbergh, OEM Leaders

 - May 10, 2021, 12:38 PM

EBACE Connect is set to kick off next week with pilot and aviation visionary Erik Lindbergh headlining the keynote session on May 18, followed by a town hall featuring leading OEMs on May 19. The virtual event, which is supplanting the in-person EBACE held annually in Geneva, will run from May 18 to 20 and include a host of informational sessions and a media day, in addition to the keynote, town hall, and other activities.

European Business Aviation Association secretary-general Athar Husain Khan and NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen will moderate both the EBACE Connect keynote and town hall.

Calling Lindbergh a pioneering aviator, business leader, and philanthropist who “knows personally what it takes to usher in a new era of aviation,” EBACE Connect organizers said he is expected to share his insights on sustainable flight, emerging transport technologies, workforce development, and other priorities for the Lindbergh Foundation.

In addition to serving as chairman of the foundation, he is a co-founder of VerdeGo, which is designing engines for advanced air mobility vehicles, and heads up the foundation’s ForeverFlight initiative to advance zero-carbon fuels. In 2002, Lindbergh raised more than $1 million for the XPRIZE by retracing his grandfather’s famed transatlantic solo.

As far as the May 19 town hall, leaders of airframe OEMs will discuss their perspectives on a range of topics, including new business aviation clientele, the outlook for a post-Covid “new normal,” and advances in airframe and cabin technologies. Meanwhile, on the eve of EBACE Connect, NBAA and EBAA are co-hosting a “press day.”

“Across the globe, business aviation is emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever,” said Bolen. “At EBACE Connect, we have the perfect lineup of aviation leaders, including those who have made history, and are at work building toward the future. With renewed optimism and a spirit of innovation, we will get a look at that future, from across the industry landscape.”

“As we gather digitally for EBACE Connect, I am looking forward to bringing back the sharing of knowledge, best practices, and the melting of minds,” added Husain Khan. “This is how the business aviation industry has been able to become as adaptable, resilient, and pioneering as it is today.”