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Flexjet's Operations Go Carbon-neutral in U.S., Europe

 - May 17, 2021, 10:40 AM
Flexjet is offsetting carbon emissions by 100 percent in its U.S. operations and by 300 percent in Europe. In the U.S. alone, it will offset an estimated 400,000 tonnes of carbon emissions this year. (Photo: Flexjet)

Flexjet’s year-to-date flight operations in the U.S. have been carbon-neutral and those in Europe have been carbon-negative through its partnership with 4AIR and at no additional cost to its customers, the fractional provider announced today. Flexjet has been purchasing verified credits via 4AIR that fund solar, wind, and other projects that offset carbon emissions from its flights.

In the U.S., Flexjet said, it will offset an estimated 400,000 tonnes of carbon emissions this year alone. Meanwhile, Flexjet Europe is offsetting 300 percent of the carbon dioxide equivalent for every flight to reflect CO2 emissions and other pollutants, including water vapor, aerosol sulphate, and nitrous oxides. The company is also working with 4AIR to offer shareowners the option of upgrading their environmental commitment by using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for their flights where it is available.

“Flexjet has long been on the leading edge of applying innovation to its operations, and our partnership with 4AIR brings that same spirit to protecting the environment,” said Flexjet CEO Michael Silvestro. “In supporting carbon offset projects around the world, Flexjet can offer peace of mind that today’s efforts are having an immediate positive impact on the environment.”