EASA Moving Forward on New Aircraft Operating Rules

 - June 7, 2021, 11:40 AM

EASA has published an Opinion expressing its intent to move forward with an update to the European Union (EU) aviation regulatory framework applicable to all-weather aircraft operations (AWOs) and flight crew training. This follows consideration of comments submitted to four separate notices of proposed amendments issued over the past two years.

Under the rulemaking, AWOs would have a “performance- and risk-based approach,” meaning they would set an appropriate balance between performance-based and prescriptive principles depending on the type of air operations. They would also allow for the use of enhanced flight vision systems to the maximum extent possible and helicopter flights under IFR using point-in-space approaches and departures.

This rulemaking also aims to improve initial and recurrent pilot training and checking, conditions for the operation of more than one aircraft type or variant, acceptance of previous training and checking by non-commercial operators, and multi-pilot operations of single-pilot-certified helicopters.

The changes are expected to reduce the regulatory burden, increase cost-effectiveness, improve harmonization with the FAA and other national aviation authorities, and transpose as much as feasible the standards and recommended practices of ICAO.