TEB To Begin Runway Offset Arrivals in July

 - June 24, 2021, 6:18 PM
Starting in July, air traffic controllers will begin implementing the Runway 19 offset RNAV (GPS) X Rwy 19 approach at New York City-area business aviation hub Teterboro Airport. The alternative arrival route is intended to divert noise from residential and other sensitive areas.

The FAA plans to begin implementing the Runway 19 offset instrument approach procedure for New Jersey's Teterboro Airport starting on July 1, according to an agency spokesperson. Under discussion for more than a decade, the new route will avoid residential neighborhoods in nearby Hackensack by following Route 17.

An alternative to the primary ILS approach, the new RNAV (GPS) X Rwy 19 approach is the result of years of negotiations between the FAA and the Teterboro Aircraft Noise Abatement Advisory Committee (TANAAC) following numerous registered noise complaints from local residents. It evolved from environmental research and safety studies.

TANAAC was formed in 1987 to address quality of life issues from the surrounding communities while maintaining the efficient operation of the New York City-area airport, the busiest business aviation hub in the world pre-Covid-19. The FAA held an information session for interested stakeholders on the offset arrival plan in early 2020, but the pandemic delayed its implementation. Training for air traffic controllers on the long-anticipated alternate flight pattern began in May and was expected to last 45 days.