Sheltair To Support ERAU's Project Liftoff

 - July 9, 2021, 11:13 AM
Sheltair will invest in the future of aviation leadership with a multi-year commitment to help fund Embry-Riddle's Project Liftoff program. (Photo: Sheltair)

To help develop future aviation industry talent, FBO chain and aviation real estate developer Sheltair has pledged its financial support to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Project Liftoff Program. Its commitment, through May 2025, will fund scholarships for the program to remove financial burdens from students, allowing them to focus on their academic, personal, and professional growth. In addition, the Florida-based company will provide industry exposure through internships, job-shadowing opportunities, and speaking engagements.

The university’s O’Maley College of Business administers the Project Liftoff program, which requires all participating students to major or minor in business to establish the basis for success in future leadership roles. They receive increased mentorship, tutoring, and advising relationships, and early access to the campus to assist in their smooth transition to the university.

“Sheltair is committed to supporting the future of aviation and is thrilled to commit to the success of Project Liftoff,” said company president Lisa Holland, adding that Embry-Riddle produces some of the industry’s best and brightest future leaders. “The [goal] Project Liftoff seeks to accomplish is one we wholeheartedly support; Sheltair looks forward to seeing these future leaders make a difference in the aviation industry.”