Survey: Private Aviation Boom Likely To Linger

 - July 13, 2021, 12:33 PM

The current post-Covid surge in private aviation likely will persist, according to the results of a just-released survey conducted by industry buyers guide Private Jet Card Comparisons. According to the findings, 69 percent of private aviation users expect to use private aviation more now than they did pre-Covid, while 28 percent expected the same amount of use.

Among the respondents who began flying privately after the start of the pandemic—approximately half of the total respondents—100 percent said they would continue to use private aviation, with 53 percent of that amount noting they plan to use it “regularly.” The latter total represents an increase from the 41 percent noted by the company in its January survey. For its subscribers, Private Jet Card Comparisons analyzes more than 65 flight option variables to help them determine their best choices.

“If the question is will new users stick with private aviation even in a post-Covid world, the answer is a unanimous yes, with many saying they will now use private aviation regularly,” said company founder and editor-in-chief Doug Golian.

In terms of the types of travel, 54 percent of the more than 225 respondents said they fly privately for personal/leisure aviation, while 43 percent use it in a combination of personal/business needs. Only 3 percent responded that they fly privately solely for business.