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Baldwin Develops Tools To Help with Safety Monitoring

 - September 27, 2021, 11:40 AM

Baldwin Aviation Safety and Compliance (Booth 3227) is rolling out more features in its safety management system (SMS) portal to help users with their safety performance monitoring (SPM) and measuring efforts. To be available over the next four to six weeks, the new tools are designed to “demystify” the safety monitoring process and clarify objectives and measures in alignment with International Civil Aviation Organization, IS-BAO, and IS-BAH standards.

Users can specify their objectives and add measurements to compare how they are performing. In addition to data inputs, users can add support information such as training events and safety meetings that can help achieve safety objectives.

“We often hear confusion over safety performance indicators (SPIs) and safety performance targeting (SPT) and how to monitor them effectively,” said Jason Starke, director of standards for Baldwin Safety and Compliance. “These new features help clarify the link between the two and allow for monitoring performance indicators. It is such an important part of the SMS process, and I am excited to share it with our clients.”

Baldwin Safety and Compliance is including a training session for clients in the SPM tool introduction.