Azul Conecta Takes Delivery of Two More Caravans

 - September 28, 2021, 12:41 PM
Azul Conecta chief pilot Carlos Guedes (l) and Marcos Nogueira, Textron Aviation regional sales director (r), celebrate the delivery of two Grand Caravan EX turboprop singles under an order the regional carrier recently place for up to 10 of the model. (Photo: Textron Aviation)

Textron Aviation began delivery of a fleet of up to 10 Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft to São Paulo, Brazil-based Azul Conecta, a subsidiary of Azul Airlines, the Wichita-based aircraft manufacturer announced today. The regional carrier, stationed at the Jundiai airport, recently ordered five of the Caravans with options for up to five more of the turboprop singles. Azul Conecta will operate the aircraft on its routes to smaller cities and remote locations throughout Brazil.

“The Caravan platform provides a valuable form of transportation throughout Brazil, especially for people in rural areas,” said Marcelo Moreira, Textron Aviation v-p of sales for Latin America. “It’s a proven and versatile platform in Latin America, flying passengers, cargo, or both. With its combination of performance and rugged reliability, the Grand Caravan EX is capable of reaching remote areas that other aircraft cannot; connecting many people throughout the region, and supporting the development and economic growth of the country.”

Textron Aviation, which handed over the first two of the latest order from Azul Conecta, expects to hand over a third Grand Caravan EX this year and the remaining two early next year. With the most recent deliveries, Azul Conecta is now operating 18 of the aircraft type, making it the largest operator of the Grand Caravan in Brazil.