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USAIG Adds Black Swan Crisis Management Benefit Option

 - October 6, 2021, 10:00 AM

Aviation insurance provider USAIG has added Black Swan Solutions by Empathia crisis management services to its portfolio of Performance Vector safety support offerings.

USAIG’s Performance Vector suite of safety services is available to turbine-powered aircraft and multiple policyholders. Eligible clients can select one program option for the Performance Vector suite to enhance loss control and safety activities. The Performance Vector benefit can refresh with each policy renewal.

The partnership with Empathia helps boost policyholders’ emergency response plan (ERP) readiness, said USAIG (Booth 2258). Companies will sometimes push off emergency preparations in favor of other priorities, USAIG said, adding that operators that have had to navigate through an incident have found the process enormously challenging, complex, and demanding.

“Emergencies can come without warning and there’s tremendous risk in operating without complete confidence in the plan and resources in place to manage them,” said USAIG president and CEO John Brogan. “For 10 years, the Performance Vector program has focused on helping our policyholders enhance safety and preparation in their operations. The addition of Empathia’s world-class crisis management services fits perfectly with those goals, providing a superb new opportunity for our policyholders.” 

USAIG policyholders that select the Black Swan Solutions ERP services will receive up to six hours of consultation in the first year on optimizing and aligning ERPs to the organization’s needs; training in and integration with the Black Swan Disaster Information Management System to facilitate access to and deployment of response plans, protocols, forms, and contact data; emergency response team web-based and quarterly training access; and an array of other specialized resources and services.

In addition, fee-based (upon activation) ready-response services include a 24/7 center staffed by crisis counselors who can field calls from concerned family members, friends, stakeholders, and the community impacted by the event; emergency contact notification and media relations assistance; family assistance resources; incident response and management services; organizational and management consultation; and incident review and planning support.

Michelle Colosimo, Empathia executive director of critical support services, added these services help the people affected, as well as a community on the whole. “Organizations of all sizes can rely on Black Swan Solutions’ highly qualified crisis specialists to provide accurate information and emotional support, enabling organizational leaders to focus on the most critical needs.”