Scheme Designers Touts New 3D Rendering Tool

 - October 12, 2021, 6:12 PM

Custom livery design firm Scheme Designers (Booth 3654) is celebrating its 25th anniversary at NBAA-BACE and introduced at the show a new 3D photorealistic rendering package for displaying its designs on aircraft.

The 3D photo renderings allow customers to view their aircraft and paint scheme from all angles, in virtually any location, and against any background. They are so realistic that “many clients are using these graphics in corporate marketing and promotions,” said Scheme Designers founder and chief designer Craig Barnett.

Under its banner of “innovative art above it all,” Scheme Designers' team of artists and designers have created the paint schemes for more than 14,000 aircraft, including piston, turboprop, and business aircraft, commercial airliners, and rotorcraft, in more than 140 countries, according to the Cresskill, New Jersey-based company. More than half of OEMs with aircraft now in production have worked with Scheme Designers to develop the exterior styling for their factory-new models.

Each is designed to “communicate the owner’s personality or brand,” said Barnett.

In Las Vegas, the company is demonstrating the new 3D rendering technology and showing examples of all the aircraft makes and models for which it has created livery. As part of its anniversary celebration, the company has invited clients to submit photos of their aircraft in Scheme Designers livery for inclusion in the company’s marketing and promotions for 2022 and beyond. Winning photos will appear in the company’s trade show displays and other marketing materials

Reflecting on the 25 years, Barnett called them “remarkable and utterly delightful. We’ve found friends and family in our clients, and we’re looking forward to bringing their vision to life in the years to come.”