Texas Airport Joins the Avfuel Network

 - October 28, 2021, 11:14 AM
The airport-operated FBO at Texas' New Braunfels National Airport is now part of the Avfuel branded dealer network. The airport, which has seen rising traffic over the past several years, is planning to fast-track the funding and construction of a new FBO facility.

City Terminal Flight Services, the lone FBO at New Braunfels National Airport (KBAZ), is the latest service provider to join the Avfuel-branded dealer network. Located midway between San Antonio and Austin, KBAZ recently had its designation changed from a regional to national airport, denoting its level of traffic from outside the region.

Its FBO on the southwest side of the field has been operated by the airport since 2015. It features a 5,000-sq-ft terminal with a lobby that doubles as a 40-seat conference room, kitchenette, pilot lounge, flight-planning area, and rental and crew cars. The city has 70,000 sq ft of hangar space, which is fully occupied, with another 80,000-sq-ft of privately-owned hangars.

As an Avfuel location, it now participates in the fuel company’s Avtrip customer loyalty program and contract fuel program. The facility offers both full and self-serve fueling options for jet-A and avgas, with its farm holding 27,000 gallons of jet fuel and half that amount of aviation gasoline.

“With the city’s growing population driving increased demand at the airport, we look forward to partnering with Avfuel to not only increase our business but also facilitate some upcoming changes to the face of the airport and FBO,” said airport director Dr. Robert Lee.” He told AIN that the current facility is not large enough to handle the current traffic levels, and plans are underway to accelerate the construction of a new terminal on the west side of secondary Runway 17/35, along with a new ramp and parallel taxiway for access.