Gulfstream's G500, G600 Demonstrate Steep-approach Ops

 - December 9, 2021, 12:24 PM
Gulfstream's large-cabin G500 and G600 each capped off their steep approach demonstrations with speed records from London City Airport. (Photo: Gulfstream Aerospace)

Gulfstream Aerospace’s G500 and G600 have both demonstrated steep-approach landings into London City Airport in England, as well as Lugano Airport and Sion Airport in Switzerland. With their low-speed handling and short-field landing capabilities demonstrated, FAA and EASA steep-approach approvals for these jets are anticipated next year.

These approvals will open access for the large-cabin twinjets to London City, which requires certification because of its short runway and stringent noise-abatement requirements, as well as Lugano and other airports in the mountainous region of Switzerland. Gulfstream noted that Lugano, which is situated in the mouth of a valley, requires an extremely steep approach.

“The takeoff and landing performance we demonstrated in Europe was key in the process of securing customers’ access to even more locations worldwide, saving them even more valuable hours per year,” said Gulfstream president Mark Burns.

Following the completion of the landing demonstrations, the G500 and G600 each logged city-pair speed records from London City Airport. They both averaged cruise speeds of Mach 0.90 or above.

The G500 made a 3,077-nm journey to Teterboro Airport near New York in 6 hours and 46 minutes. This was a 12-minute improvement of the previous record despite encountering challenging headwinds, Gulfstream reported. Meanwhile, the G600 flew to Seattle, completing the 4,235-nm flight in 8 hours and 39 minutes.

These records are pending approval by the U.S. National Aeronautic Association and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale in Switzerland. The aircraft siblings collectively hold more than 60 city-pair records.

In addition to steep approach approval, the G500 is on track for certification of improved takeoff performance operations on grooved runways in wet conditions in early 2022. The G600 already has received this approval from the FAA and EASA, which Gulfstream said provides increased flexibility and range options when operating in wet runway conditions.