SD, MySky Team Up with VAT IT To Offer Tax Reclamation

 - January 10, 2022, 11:29 AM
Satcom Direct is expanding partnerships, including with MySky and VAT IT USA, to enable increased services through its SD Pro platform. (Photo: Satcom Direct)

Satcom Direct (SD) and AI-powered spend management platform MySky have signed a strategic integration agreement with tax reclamation specialist VAT IT USA to offer streamlined VAT and tax reclamation services.

Under the partnership between the three entities, SD’s Pro digital flight operations platform will facilitate the VAT IT recovery option with the MySky financial module. MySky will provide SD Pro users access to financial data and tools to help owners and operators reduce costs and refine spending. The addition of VAT IT will provide a means to simplify tax recovery, which SD said can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Customers who sign up for the service can have inputted expense and invoice data analyzed and processed by tax specialists for VAT reclamation. The VAT IT services also include Mineral Oil Tax reclamation, which SD called a highly complicated process.

“This arrangement showcases the benefits of our open-architecture platform, which allows integration of third-party suppliers to deliver tangible added value to the user experience,” said Chris Moore, president of business aviation for SD. “MySky has the technology to streamline financial management for operators and flight departments, and VAT IT has the expertise to facilitate valuable VAT reclamation for its clients. With this alliance, we are truly optimizing the power of integration to better serve our customers.”

integration begins immediately for complimentary initial VAT IT services with full tax reclamation services anticipated to become available through SD Pro and MySky in the second quarter.