FSF Calls for Quicker, Clearer 5G Safety Measures

 - January 20, 2022, 9:41 AM

Citing confusion surrounding the 5G rollout, the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) called on the FAA and wireless carriers to definitively identify which U.S. airports are affected by the 5G implementation in C-band, saying it was concerned about “the disjointed approach taken to resolving potentially significant aviation safety issues."

According to FSF, the FAA and the wireless carriers need to cooperate on a definitive plan so accurate and timely guidance and/or restrictions can be released for aircraft operators. Further, the association urged the FAA to accelerate identification of which aircraft types will be approved to perform low-visibility landings at the affected airports. FSF reminded that the 5G implementation affects more than just large airports and air carriers, but also operations at smaller community airports and helicopter operations.

“The unclear and sometimes conflicting restrictions and notices on 5G near airports are creating confusion globally and have led to disruptions and cancellations of hundreds of flights," said Conor Nolan, chairman of the FSF board of governors. "It is imperative to expedite mitigations and approvals, clearing as many aircraft as possible to operate without restriction at airports.”

“The greater the confusion and uncertainty, the greater the risk to safety,” said FSF president and CEO Hassan Shahidi. “The process of resolving or mitigating the safety risks needs to be accelerated and not allowed to drag on for months.”