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Cadorath Expands Parts Repair Capacity for Airbus Helos

 - March 10, 2022, 9:49 AM

MRO services provider Cadorath (Booth 7437) has added 400 new repairs to its capabilities for Airbus helicopters, specifically dynamic component assemblies for the AS365/H155 and AS350/H125 models, following its first D-level single part repair in 2019 for the European airframer.

Repairs are performed from the company’s Winnipeg, Canada facility and provided in partnership with Airbus Helicopters Marignane (France) and North America for the global customer and service center network.

“With the increased requirements on special processes and the development of our worldwide repair network for dynamic components, it is key for Airbus Helicopters to find reliable partners on critical parts repair activities,” said Vincent Prunet, the OEM’s head of worldwide MRO network. Prunet added that Cadorath will improve turnaround times and costs for Airbus owners and operators.

Cadorath also plans to qualify for additional special process approvals and will further supplement its repair capabilities for the AS365/H155 and AS350/H125. As well, Cadorath plans to add support for more helicopter models this year and next.