Kings Underscore Need To Support Women Aviators

 - March 28, 2022, 11:19 AM
John and Martha King awarded the 2022 Martha King Scholarship for Women Flight Instructors to Charnell Walls, Oklahoma. (Photo: John Riedel/WAI)

King Schools co-owners and chairs John and Martha King, among those who awarded scholarships during WAI2022 in March, stressed the importance of fostering women’s careers in aviation and praised Women in Aviation International for its dedication to encouraging the future of female aviators.

“More people have been inspired and supported by Women in Aviation than any other aviation organization. That’s been a big change in the aviation community,” John King told AIN calling WAI his favorite organization in aviation.

He further praised the nearly $14.5 million in scholarships that have been awarded through the organization. “Those scholarships change people’s lives,” remarked John King. Martha King added, “A lot of people’s lives.”

And backing up that sentiment, they are regular sponsors of scholarships, presenting the 2022 Martha King Scholarship for Women Flight Instructors to Charnell Walls of Oklahoma. The scholarship is valued at more than $18,000, including $5,000 of financial assistance as well as lifetime access to the entire King Schools online course library of more than 85 courses. In describing the recipient, John King noted that Walls had sold her house to have the financial resources to pursue her passion.

In continuing this support, the Kings believe that drawing more women into aviation boosts safety. Over the past 50 years “the culture of aviation” has changed significantly, John King said, noting that the focus previously had centered on physical skills and the desire to be a “He-Man pilot.”

But he pointed to a U.S. Army study that has shown having just one woman in the flight deck improves the accident ratio “tremendously.” Martha King added it didn’t matter whether the woman was the captain or co-pilot, that presence still made a difference.

“It helps us improve the safety record,” he said.