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Next-gen Online Platform Greases the Logistic Wheels

 - May 23, 2022, 5:56 AM

Sterling Global Aviation Logistics (Booth Z104) has launched an enhanced version of its logistics software application, which the company says was designed to keep global supply chains moving at a time when the industry is slowly recovering. Known as QuickOnline 2.0, the next-gen app makes the placement of orders easier and provides superior tracking capabilities and greater visibility of shipment status, according to Sterling.

“QuickOnline has always been about making our customers’ jobs easier,” said Michael McNally, v-p of IT product management at the Quick Group. “This next-gen technology gives the aviation industry what it needs to place orders instantly and track their shipments in real-time with full transparency, in a way that works best for them.”

The QuickOnline 2.0 platform offers a number of features, including integration with GPS devices for up-to-the-minute sensor data and an interactive map to locate and manage shipments. A shipment milestone timeline is available, as well as fully integrated live airline data to show current status and positions, and the ability to upload both domestic and international shipment documentation online. The registration process has been simplified but adds greater security. Key partners can also have access to the platform to further streamline the supply chain.